Get the Look: Miranda Kerr

There are people who always manage to look effortlessly chic 365 days of the year, inspiring serious envy among all of the rest of us more fashion-challenged.  One such person is the uber-stylish Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr.  Despite the fact that she looks great in just about anything, she always ends up on the best-dressed pages for a reason.  She’s got “it”.  Here is how to get her look:

1. Choose the right accessories

Miranda Kerr Perfect Accessories

Miranda Kerr typically opts for simple, classic pieces, but spices up her look with well-placed accessories.  She’ll opt for a well-made simple tee or basic skinny denim, pairing it with animal print heels or a gorgeous statement bag.  She always looks impeccably put together even when dressed casually, and the secret is in the accessorizing.  She always wears at least 2-3 accessories, including statement-making belts, shoes, and bags.

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2. Don’t overdo it

Get the Look: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr defines her style by choosing classic pieces and building her look around them.  Instead of trying to overcrowd her look with many different trends, she focuses on the basics like a classic striped tee or a great leather jacket.  You’ll see Miranda wearing both solids and prints, but either way she makes sure to keep her overall look simple, polished and clean.  Her look is never cluttered, and she avoids over-styling her outfits.  To get her Miranda Kerr’s style, keep it simple and only focus on one trend at a time.

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3. Know what flatters your body type

Get the Look: Miranda Kerr

Finally, Miranda Kerr knows what looks good on her.  Despite her perfect figure, she always stays classy and never reveals too much skin.  Even when going for a more sexy look, Miranda chooses what she wants to highlight versus just wearing the most revealing outfit possible.  We can all learn from Miranda Kerr’s style.  If you have great legs, wear a skirt that shows them off.  For toned arms, wear a sleeveless shirt with skinny pants or a pencil skirt.  What is most important is to make sure you look great in the clothes rather than the clothes outshining you.

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